It's that time of year to get out of the house and fire up that grill of yours. Whether its a beautiful BIG GREEN EGG or WEBER series or just a hunk of metal that you love to cook on, we now have the perfect accessory to really up your game. Check out our new 15" Round Reversible Baking Steel Griddle. Dual purpose for the grill like all of our Baking Steel Griddles, this is perfect for burgers, steak tips, fish, breakfast, etc... even better for pizza!

Things to know:

  • 15" Round by 3/8" thick Reversible Griddle
  • 18 lbs. of steel
  • $159 (free shipping*) 
  • Add ons available: Round Storage Sleeve (+$44), Griddle Scraper (+$6)
  • Ability to cook unreal burgers and pizza, among thousands of other food: 100%
  • Fits in your home oven
  • Griddle side polished and silky smooth

Get out of your house, get your new Griddle hot and get cooking for the family and friends. Check out our first run of it here:

Oh yeah! Almost forgot. When it starts getting cold, bring it in and make some awesome food inside just as easy. You don't want to miss out on the cold months!

Baking Steel Round Griddle
Baking Steel Burger
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