Baking Steel Broiler Technique

broiler technique

There are a lot ways to make pizza and in doing so, many different ways to use the Baking Steel. Lately, I have been using the broiler technique where I convection bake my pizza at 500 F and then switch to broil for the last 1-2 minute. Yesterday, I tried a new broiler technique. This one comes from Chris Bianco, you may remember I mentioned wanting to try this method in my last post.  

We're going to start with our traditional 45 minute preheat at 500 F.  I like to place my Baking Steel on the top rack.  Before you stretch out your dough, I want you to switch the oven to broil.  With gas, it's almost immediate.  Electric ovens my take a couple of minutes so you’ll need to learn it’s cycle.  Now, stretch out your dough and top your pizza.  With the broiler on, launch your dough onto the Baking Steel. The screeching hot steel is going to maximize oven spring.  The broiler should remain on for the first 2 minutes, then switch the oven back to full throttle on convection bake to finish, approximately 2 more minutes.

Explore and try different baking and broiler techniques and remember, there is more than one way to do anything.  



switch back to convection bake

           1.)  Switch the dial to broil right before the launch.                                         

turn the dial to broil

              2.) After 2 minutes, switch back to convection bake.

oven spring
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