Are you ready for your mind to be blown??

We get the question..."How do you do pizza on the grill?" ALL THE TIME.

We used to say treat the dough like a flat bread and cook it on one side, flip and top it.

Well now there's a new way. The best way.

Here's the deal.

  1. Place 6 bricks in a "U" shape on your grill. These kind of Bricks.....
  2. Place ANY of your Baking Steels* or Griddles* on top of the bricks and turn Grill on High for 40-45 minutes. (Don't have one? Get one here!)
  3. Right before launching pizza, turn grill burners to low.
  4. Launch Pizza directly on top of grill grates, under the Steel. Close lid and cook for 4 minutes.
  5. Remove pizza and devour.
  6. Repeat until you can't eat anymore.

Still confused? Here's what's happening. The Baking Steel is absorbing so much heat, like it does in a normal oven, but on your grill. Same thing. What we are doing instead is letting the heat reflect back down on top of the pizza to cook the top while the grill burners/grates cooks the bottom of the crust. What do you get? Pure grilled pizza bliss!