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Baking Steel is releasing a new product that combines the Original Baking Steel with a stove top Griddle. This new product will save space and serve as a multi-purpose instrument for any kitchen.  This versatile product can go right in your oven to bake the perfect pizza on the textured side, serving as a traditional Baking Steel. When flipped over, the Griddle can be placed directly on your stove top to cook a variety of dishes from eggs, to burgers, to English muffins.

Griddle Details

The Griddle is a 18”x14”x3/8” a slab of steel that functions exactly like the Original Baking Steel on one side with an additional polished service and grease channel on the other side. It will turn your standard home oven into an industrial powerhouse by reaching temperatures higher than 700 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for searing and baking, but can still handle lower temperatures for more delicate recipes, such as eggs and pancakes on the stove.

Traditional cookware, such as a pizza stone or an aluminum griddle heat up just as quickly as steel, but do not conduct heat as efficiently. Baking Steel differentiates from other kitchen products due to its ability to distribute heat more evenly, providing an overall hotter surface. Thick-gauge steel and high volumetric heat capacity allow the Baking Steel Griddle to contain unparalleled amounts of energy long after the heat-source is turned off.

The Baking Steel Griddle is going to change the way people cook at home.

Baking Steel Griddle
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  • The Baking Steel Griddle is a beast in the kitchen. Virtually indestructible and pre-seasoned with our proprietary oil, the American-made Griddle is up for any culinary challenge.
  • Weighing in at 25lbs, and cutting a silhouette of 18 x 14 x 3/8”, The Griddle is thick but also easy to store.
  • The Griddle has a dual personality. And that’s a good thing. One side is our classic Baking Steel, but flip it upside down and you have the “world’s best consumer cooking surface”.  J. Kenji López-Alt‘s words not ours.
  • The Griddle is great as a stovetop griddle, induction plate, and even as a cold plate after its been frozen. Cook with us on top of your gas, induction or electric stovetops, grills, and ovens.  Get superb results EVERY TIME.
  • It’s great for rustic breads, pizza (naturally), breakfasts, meat, it’s just great. You need this in your life.
  • Cook anything, any time, any place. Perfectly. Create some love with the Baking Steel Griddle.
  • Cleaning it? Piece of cake. Grab a bench scraper to make it even easier.
  • Oh did we mention we ship for free*? Just because we can!
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What makes it such a superior surface for baking pizzas also makes it a superior surface for searing foods. Thick- gauge and high volumetric heat capacity means that you can sear to your heart’s content.
— J. Kenji López-Alt, Managing Culinary Director at Serious Eats

The team at Serious Eats was so impressed by the Baking Steel Griddle, they asked to partner with us as they try to launch their Food Lab series on IndieGoGo.  Check out their campaign.

The Baking Steel Griddle brings an unmatched level of versatility, allowing cooking enthusiasts to master a wide range of dishes on a single device.
— Andris Lagsdin, Founder of Baking Steel