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Boy, have we felt loved.

Since we first rolled out the Baking Steel, so many wonderful food experts have said nice things about us.

(Honestly, we’re kind of blushing.)


"For pizza cooks, the last word in a crisp crust"

"The Chicago Daily Herald thinks we’re worth splurging on…"

"The Baking Steel from Stoughton Steel is designed to create an exceptionally crisp…"

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"perfectly baked, top and bottom, with superb caramelization…"



"It’s a Steel!"

"Dad’s can show their mettle…"

"It produces the best eff-ing pizza we’ve ever made in our entire lives…"

"Father’s Day Gift Guide: For the Chef"

"This was undoubtedly the best homemade pizza we’ve produced…"

"A Pizza Stone of Steel"

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