WSJ - Family Pizza Night with a Baking Steel

We love it when people realize what we at Baking Steel have known all along.  The Baking Steel is far superior to pizza stones for making pizza at home.

Here is what the Wall Street Journal had to say today.

Texture has been where home pizza cooks usually run into trouble.  Traditional pizza stones can leave the bottom crust doughy even as the cheese melts on top.  The Baking Steel helps to heat the bottom of the pizza in a fraction of the time"

You can read the article here: WSJ

The Baking Steel is the newest kitchen must-have for anyone who loves creating pizza at home. Touted by "The Modernist Cuisine" as the superior baking surface of choice for recreating brick-oven results, the Baking Steel is a 16x14x1/4" steel sheet, pre-seasoned and ready to go. Handmade in the USA and virtually indestructible, the Baking Steel is a more conductive baking surface than a typical pizza stone. It cooks faster and more evenly at a lower temperature resulting in a light, airy, crispy crust with a perfect amount of char.  

Order your Baking Steel, grab a few friends and have a pizza party!

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