Why We Love Breakfast Quesadillas Every Single Day

egg quesadilla

If you own a Baking Steel Griddle, your mornings are about to change for the better! This isn't another pizza post.  Today, we are talking about breakfast quesadillas and why we LOVE to eat them.  Every. Single. Day.

Quesadillas on the Griddle can be healthy, packed with flavor and a lot of fun to make! There is absolutely no reason why these can't be devoured on a daily basis, (well maybe your cholesterol, but we can fix that with some ingredient tweaks).  So, this morning, we're going to scramble some eggs, cook off and chop up a little bit of black forest bacon, then finish with a bit of organic goat cheese.  Yum!

This quesadilla is going to be my new "go to" breakfast.  Easy to make and fun to create, keep things interesting for your palate by adding your favorite fruits, veggies, herbs, and spices!  The possibilities are endless, but every outcome is happy, healthy and delicious! 


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scrambled eggs on the Baking Steel

Breakfast Quesadilla with bacon and eggs


2 or 3 eggs

2 corn tortillas

1 slice chopped bacon, cooked

1 oz. shredded fontina cheese

chopped green onions



1. Preheat your Baking Steel Griddle or Mini on medium for 5 minutes.

2. Run your corn tortillas under the faucet quickly to keep them moist.  Place on Griddle to warm.

3. Lightly butter your Griddle, crack your eggs and get ready to scramble, toss on bacon and green onion...scramble these babies.

4. Remove corn tortillas, and place on a plate.  Using a spatula, place eggs on bottom tortilla.  Add the second on top, slice and serve..



Baking Steel Griddle
eating a quesadilla





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