White Pizza Recipe: Roasted Tomato, Prosciutto & Pea (Video)

You've got to try this white pizza recipe yourself. It's light and delicious.

We are always looking for ways to create pizza recipes that taste amazing and look beautiful. We're kind of picky that way. So, here you go.

The Recipe

Roasted Tomato, Prosciutto & Pea


Baking Steel

May 30, 2013

Easy Pizza Recipe - Roasted Tomato, Prosciutto & Pea
Easy Pizza Recipe - Roasted Tomato, Prosciutto & Pea

The flavor combination of roasted tomato & prosciutto is always a treat. When you add the tiny hint of peas, though, it takes this white pizza to a new level. And it's all nestled atop a beautiful, crisp and airy crust.

Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook time: 6 minutes Yield: 1 - 14" Pizza



Sure, we could tell you, but we'd rather show you. So watch that video and then go make your own delicious white pizza! Once you've made it, show us over on our Facebook page, so we can all be jealous!

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