We Got a Book Deal. A Big-Ass Book Deal with Little, Brown & Company

Big Ass Baking Steel Book Deal


While I created the Baking Steel to attain a perfect pizza crust, as it turned out, it was more useful and versatile than anyone could have imagined. Surely, this was the stuff of a great cookbook, right?

My literary agent, Alexandra Penfold, sure thought so. About two years ago, she introduced me to Jessie Moore, the creator of CakeSpy.com, an incredibly clever writer who she felt was exactly what I needed in a collaborator to create a great book.

We had our first conversation about two years ago and clicked both professionally and personally. Not only are we both incredibly sarcastic, funny, and clever, but we're both very into pizza and food. And we're both devoted yogis! I knew that our meeting was serendipitous, and we agreed right then and there to make a book happen.

Well, fast forward two years, which included more than a handful of long phone calls, too many emails to count, lots of pizza photos and Instagram tags, and even a visit for Jessie in our test kitchen. Oh, and a lot of writing. Together, we made a brilliant book proposal, and after a little bit of moving and shaking, we have some great news to share:


Yup -- we've got a book deal with a big, powerful publisher. Our book is slated to come out next year.

And I need to tell you that based on what we have done so far, this book is going to be freaking brilliant. It's going to include a lot of recipes, information, technique, and witty repartee.

It's very cool to have the energy of a collaboration on a big project like this, and we have brilliant things to share! 

You'll be hearing more about this in the coming months, but I just wanted to share the good news! 

MEANTIME, be sure to get a feel for Jessie's work on her blog and social media. Together, were are a force to be reckoned with!

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Jessie's blog: CakeSpy.com




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