Fresh Veggie Sandwich Bar

veggie sandwich

Fresh Chef Craig and I, spend our days devising Baking Steel schemes and crafting new pizza ideas.  All this hard work and food talk, makes us hungry!  

So, each week we pick a lunch theme at the test kitchen and make it happen.  This week we prepared a "veggie sandwich bar."  Who doesn't love fresh vegetables?  Plant-based eating is good for you, good for the environment and tastes damn good when you are working with fresh, summer crops!  We fired up the Baking Steel to give our bread the perfect toast, but we let the veggies do the rest of the heavy-lifting.  

Now, we can talk guilty pleasures (i.e. PIZZA!!!) and feel good about fueling our bodies with a rainbow of goodness, at least for lunch! 



Ingredients and directions

Hit the market, your garden or the local farm and see whats fresh.  Wash and rinse, then chop it up, grate it or slice and store all your ingredients in an airtight container in the fridge.  

At lunch, remove your ingredients and stack it on top of some freshly toasted bread!  You will have fresh goodness for every day of the week.

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