Turkey Slab Pie, On The Baking Steel

Turkey slab pie on a Baking Steel

It's Turkey Takeover week here on the Baking Steel blog. Thanksgiving is only two weeks away and we want you to have all the necessary information to gear up for a knock out holiday dinner. On Monday, I talked about the best way to roast your turkey, on Tuesday, we blogged about the perfect post Thanksgiving leftover sandwich and today, we are bringing you the most badass turkey slab pie, cooked to perfection on the Baking Steel.

If you frequent our blog, you'd know that we love slab pies, no pan needed and every bite replicates the coveted corner piece. So, why not take that same concept and apply it to the classic pot pie. Genius? You said it, not me. 

I took a brined turkey leg, slathered it in duck fat and cooked it sous vide in our Anova Precision Cooker. I then crisped it on the Baking Steel Griddle, duck confit style and pulled it apart by hand. Next, I tossed the turkey and a bunch of delicious vegetables on top of a nice buttery pie crust and poured our delicious roasted apple turkey gravy on top. Launched that baby right on top of the Baking Steel and 30 minutes later the pie was done and we we're blown away by the insane flavor bursting out of the crust. 

turkey slab pie mis en place

Badass Turkey Pot Pie (Serve 4-6 people)


1 ea turkey leg

6 oz rendered duck fat

0.5 oz parsley

8 oz sweet potato, medium dice

1 ea red onion, julienned

2 ea stalks celery, sliced on a bias

4 oz edamame beans, out of shell

3 ea cloves garlic, minced

3 ea carrots, sliced into rounds

16 oz pie dough

1 egg (for wash)

16 oz roasted apple turkey gravy (from our bird)

Sous Vide turkey leg


1. Take brined turkey leg and pat dry. Add duck fat and a couple parsley leaves into a vacuum bag and seal it. Cook it for 12 hours at 64 degrees Celsius. Ice immediately and reserve.

2. Heat griddle to medium heat and take turkey leg out of the bag, Crisp the skin on the leg and heat through slowly. Remove and pull meat off bone.

3. Toss vegetables, pulled turkey and gravy together in bowl. Set aside.

4. Roll pie dough out to 1/4". Dump mature in center in a line (rectangle-isa shape). Fold over edges and brush with egg wash. If you want, sprinkle some parsley on top before it hits the oven.

5. Cook on a piece of parchment paper onto of your Baking Steel and set a timer for 15 minutes. Open and rotate. Cook another 15 minutes and remove. Slice and serve. Enjoy.

turkey slab pie - pre launch onto Baking Steel
turkey slab pie on a Baking Steel
turkey slab pie on a Baking Steel
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