Tuna and a World Class Sear.

Seared Tuna

Back at the Baking Steel Test Kitchen, we decided to go for some seafood. We grabbed a nice block of sushi grade saku cut Tuna and fired the griddle up for a world class sear.

Some may ask why buy frozen tuna? 80% of the tuna used in high end sushi establishments and other fine restaurants is blasted at -60 degrees celsius, right after it has been caught. This ensures perfect quality of tuna, no growth of bacteria, and it helps keep the product moist.

Now back to the griddle. We cut our block of tuna into a nice square log, perfect for searing. We got our griddle up over 500 degrees and dropped a small amount of grapeseed oil onto it. We carefully laid the tuna to rest in the hot oil and the cook was QUICK! No more than 10 seconds on each side and we had a a world class sear on our Baking Steel Griddle.

seared tuna
Searing Tuna
Using tongs to flip tuna
Seared Tuna on a Baking Steel Griddle
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