Toast in 60 Seconds

got toast

I've been eating toast for as long as I can remember.  Fire up the toaster, wait a few minutes and then, slab on some soft butter. Nothing better, right?! 

This summer, while hanging in the test kitchen, I've been experimenting with toast on the Baking Steel Griddle.  I'll toss a few bread slices on the hot steel, and literally, about a minute later, it is perfectly toasted on both sides. Toast in 60 seconds. Because it's cooking so quick, the bread is caramelized on the outer edges, and the middle is still soft.  The Griddle makes awesomely crunchy toast!

Now that I've taken my method to the "steel side," I've been having fun playing around with toast toppings! So far, I have two hands-down, favorites. The first is simply butter with a fried egg.  It's hard not to love this classic combo!  The second is Peanut Butter & Co's Smooth Operator creamy peanut butter, topped with blueberries and a maple syrup drizzle-nothing short of delicious!  I urge you to give this a try, your tastebuds will be amazed! 


For the Toast:  

Preheat your Baking Steel Griddle for about 5 minutes on high heat.  After 5 minutes, lower the heat and toss on your bread.  Cook for about 30-45 seconds per side.  Then go crazy with toppings-there is no wrong way to eat toast! 

Here's a little insider secret.  Take your butter out the night before and let it sit at room temp.

toast on the Baking Steel
Baking Steel Toast



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