The Power of the Baking Steel

This pizza was made under the broiler on top of our Baking Steel in one minute and fifty eight seconds.  Here is how we did it:  We preheated our Thermador home oven at 500 F, using convection with our Baking Steel on the top rack.  After exactly one hour, we switch the oven to broil.  Next we stretched and rolled out our pizza dough and topped it with sauce and cheese.  Total time about 3 minutes.  Then we launched onto the Baking Steel with the broiler still kicking.   We set our timer for 90 seconds, opened up the oven an d rotated 90 degrees, and finished baking under the broiler for 30 more seconds.   The power of the Baking Steel....

2-Minutes and a Baking Steel is all you need to make AMAZING pizza at home! Trust your Steel!

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