The New Mini Griddle. Not Just For Cooking.

Mini Griddle and sushi

With the launch of our new Mini Baking Steel Griddle, we have been coming up with some clever uses for this personal size griddle. Some of the ideas have been obnoxious, some have been just fabulous. The one we are sharing with you isn't completely new, but works just splendid with our new toy. 

Everyone loves sushi, or at least should love sushi. Today, we went vegetarian for you, because we know how much some of you love fish. Sushi really is an art form, learned only through observing, practicing and repeating. It's not just sucky rice rolled up with some fish and vegetables in them.

Where we brought our Mini Griddle into this one was quite simple, as a serving vessel. Quite often I eat out at restaurants and what is supposed to be hot comes out warm and the cold food comes out room temperature. Steel holds energy in many forms, two being hot and cold. Store your Mini Griddle in the freezer for about 20 minutes and get rolling. Most may say that sushi is to be served at room temperature and I agree. But for those hot summer days, or keeping the kids happy with some cold snacks or ice cream, keep them cold on a frozen piece of steel, like the Mini.  Although all our Baking Steels will work!

Sushi on the Mini
sushi on the Baking Steel Mini
Baking Steel Mini

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