Say "Hello" To The Baking Steel Skinny


Say "hello" to the Baking Steel Skinny! This 20”x 11.5”x 3/8” slab of steel functions exactly like the Original Baking Steel on one side, but sports an additional polished surface and grease channel on the flip side to convert it into a fully functional stovetop griddle. If you are not familiar with the traditional Baking Steel, Kenji Lopez-Alt of Serious Eats fame has hailed it “the most impressive home pizza product” he's ever tested.

The Skinny was designed with griddle lovers in mind. It fits perfectly over two burners and heats up in a flash!  It's a two-for-one dream machine:  stash it in your oven to bake the perfect pizza on one side or flip it onto your stove top or grill to cook a variety of dishes from eggs, to burgers, to english muffins.  Boom what?! Restaurant quality plancha right at home! 

The Skinny is a heavy-duty kitchen companion weighing-in at 23 lbs, but as with the Original Baking Steel, the weight is what makes it work so well.  The Skinny will turn your standard home oven into an industrial powerhouse by reaching temperatures upwards of 700 degrees! It's perfect for high temperature searing and baking, but can also handle lower temperatures for more delicate recipes, such as eggs and pancakes on the stovetop.  No problem! 

The Skinny plays nice with just about any type of stovetop, including gas, electric and even induction.  And, if the great outdoors is more your scene, the Baking Steel Skinny works on your grill. 

Traditional cookware, such as a pizza stone or an aluminum griddle, heats up just as quickly as steel, but does not conduct heat as efficiently. Baking Steel differentiates from other kitchen products due to its ability to distribute heat more evenly, providing an overall hotter surface. Thick-gauge steel and high volumetric heat capacity allow the Baking Steel Skinny to contain unparalleled amounts of energy long after the heat-source is turned off. That's hot! 

Heat things up in your kitchen this year:  pre-order your Baking Steel Skinny today! The Skinny will be available to ship on March 1st, 2017.

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