The BS Test Kitchen All American Cheeseburger

cheeseburger on the Griddle

Back in the kitchen after the last real summer weekend (although it was 96 degrees outside today). We were milling about the store and talking about how we haven't done a burger on the Baking Steel Griddle yet since I have come on board. Well that was easy...

I could go on and on about why the Baking Steel Griddle is such an awesome tool for any kitchen. I mean really, the list is pretty long. I'll touch on a few of the major ones for me while you indulge in these drool-worthy photos of our burger.

Surface Area: The BS Griddle is massive. At 18"x14", this slab o' steel gives us all PLENTY of room to work with and boy do we love that. We through 2-8oz beef patties, 4 buns, onions, and love onto our griddle with room still to spare.

Heat: The fact that this piece of metal gets over 500 degrees without any issues or tissues blows any other pot/pan/griddle/work-space out of the agua. Being able to play with some temperature zones too is great. Searing the burger on high heat, while toasting buns and caramelizing onions on the other half while still providing even cooking throughout.

Consistency: What's awesome about the science behind the Baking Steel is that even when you put a cold burger patty and bread and onions and other sorts of things on the griddle, the temperature rebound time is almost instantaneous. That being said, you are able to get a perfect sear that is balanced on both sides of your meat, cook your onions without trouble and toast your buns with care.

It's Reversible: Yup, that's right. The Griddle side has been polished and smoothed and we added a channel to catch those juices.  Just flip it over and you have an oversized Ultra-Conductive Baking Steel for pizza and bread making.  

Needless to say, we took our local, ground chuck, slapped them into patties on our griddle, added the softest of potato buns on either side, with a whole bunch of griddled onions, Langwater Farms tomatoes, Boston bibb lettuce and a thick slice of ole 'merican cheese and called it a day. Go ahead, give it a try.


The Griddle in action
Burger on the Griddle
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