The Baking Steel Griddle Has Landed

bacon and eggs on the Griddle


The Griddle has landed.  

Back in June, Serious Eats announced the start of our Griddle pre-order campaign & ever since then, your support has been tremendous. We are so excited to say, that as of this week, all pre-orders have officially left the building.  This means the time has come for the official launch of the Baking Steel Griddle. 

Find out why Food and Wine Magazine tested and "loved" the Baking Steel Griddle, or why a New York Times best selling author called it "the worlds finest home cooking surface".  

Fresh Chef Craig and I spend most of our time in our Test Kitchen, working away, curating and testing. I can honestly say, that day by day, I am blown away by the versatility and function of the Baking Steel Griddle. 

The original Baking Steel transformed how you make pizza and bread at home.  The Baking Steel Griddle will change the way you cook everything else.

Thank you everyone for your continued support on this amazing journey....


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