Sweet Dishes for the Sweet Sixteen

March Madness is here! The “Sweet” Sixteen face off this Thursday and Friday, March 26th and 27th.  Have you thought about your game day snacks?  We have!

With our handy “Sweet 16” guide you can now support your favorite teams with recipes from their home states:



University of Kentucky vs. University of West Virginia

What says Kentucky more than Crispy Fried Chicken? Eaten hot or cold, these fried chicken wings will be a hit at any game-day gathering.

West Virginia is well known for buckwheat, a starchy fruit seed that works very well as a gluten-free grain substitute. Try some Buckwheat Crepes for roll-up finger sandwiches or topped with chocolate sauce and berries for a sweet dessert this week.

Notre Dame University vs. Wichita University

When I think of Indiana, I think of sweet corn. If you can resist eating the corn right off the cob, use the corn to liven up your game-day buffet with a Corn & Tomato Pasta Salad.

Support Wichita with a Kansas classic: Succotash! Succotash is a rich dish of corn, peppers, zucchini, and lima beans. This refreshing, non-traditional salad is sure to hit the spot.



University of Wisconsin vs. University of North Carolina

Everybody knows Wisconsin is the cheese capitol of the country! Add a Blue Cheese & Bacon Dip to your game-day menu and you’re sure to feel like the “Big Cheese.”

Did you know Mt. Olive Pickles originated in Mount Olive, North Carolina? Represent the University of N.C. with Mt Olive’s very-own Fried Pickles recipe!

Xavier University vs. University of Arizona

If you’re feeling daring, add Fire & Ice Chili to your To-Do List for game-day. This Chili is jam-packed with Ohio flavor and a surprising ingredient: dark chocolate ice cream.

Get your Arizona flare on with some spicy Macho Nachos. This Mexican cuisine is loaded with salsa, beans, and a hearty serving of jalapeño chile peppers.



North Carolina State College vs. University of Louisville

North Carolina is also the home of Krispy Kreme Donuts! Make your own Glazed Donut Bites to add a sweet treat to this Friday’s suspenseful face-off.

If you’re a true Louisville fan, then you’ve obviously heard of Hot Brown Sliders. The Kentucky Hot Brown is a unique open-faced sandwich layered with turkey, bacon, Parmesan cheese, and creamy Mornay sauce.

University of Oklahoma vs. Michigan State College

Need a drink to pair with the menu? Mix up some traditional Oklahoma Cherry Limeade. Make it a cocktail by adding a splash of your favorite Vodka or Rum.

Are you a Michigan fan? Then Coney Dogs should be your game-day snack of choice. Stacked with meat sauce, diced onion, and yellow mustard, these non-traditional hot dogs will be gone fast!



Duke University vs. University of Utah

Cheerwine is a drink that you’ll hear mentioned often in North Carolina. However, Cheerwine Caramel Popcorn is a game changer. This salty-sweet snack is sure to hit the spot on game-day.

Looking to support Utah with a dessert option? Look no further than Utah’s famous Fried Scones. Served with honey and powdered sugar, this flaky treat would pair well with any game-day menu.

University of California at Los Angeles vs. Gonzaga University

Show California some support with a refreshing Coleslaw Salad this week. Tossed with a sweet marinade, this slaw is deliciously flavored when eaten right away or in the days that follow.

As a coastal state, Washington is well known for its fresh seafood dishes. Add Salmon Kebabs to your game-day menu for a new twist on a traditional dish.


Check back next week to see what team Andris decides to support with an original Baking Steel pizza!

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