Our Storage Sleeves Just Can't Keep Up With Raving Baking Steel Fans

Baking Steel Storage Sleeves Thinking on our feet has become a mainstay around here, and we're scrambling as fast as we can to keep up with demand of the Baking Steel. For real.

We're turning them out like lighting around here, and, so far, we've been able to meet demand. What an awesome problem to have! Thanks to all of you raving Baking Steel fans, we're working harder and faster than ever.

Hey, we're not complaining. We just want you to have a peek behind the scenes.

One product we haven't been able to keep enough of, though, is our storage sleeves. Yes, they're super cool. And yes, they are unique and the perfect accessory for our Baking Steel. But we're having a hard time keeping them in stock. Our vendor is making them as quickly as they can, but right now, we're out of them until January. (Cue sad music here).

The good news, though, is that you can still order a Baking Steel, and get cooking as soon as possible. Then, when January rolls around, you can give it a nice, safe storage home in the cabinet.

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