St. Patty's Day Plans

Dig out that green leprechaun costume and practice your Irish brogue! St. Patrick’s Day is less than a week away!

If you don’t have plans yet, peruse the list below to get excited for the most colorful holiday of the year!


If you have young children, the holiday parades provide an energetic crowd. According to the International Business Times, New York, Chicago, Boston, Savannah, and Kansas City host the top five largest St. Patrick’s Day parades in the Unites States. From decorative floats, to traditional Irish music, a parade is the best way to kick off the holiday.


If you’re looking to get social, check out the local pub crawls available in your area. A pub crawl on St. Patty’s Day gives you a reason to paint your face green and drink Guinness until your heart’s content. If you’re in the Boston area, like me, check out the Irish Pub Challenge for a day of silly competitions and good ‘ol fun! 


According to Time Magazine, in the U.S. there are 13 places named Dublin and 7 places named Shamrock. One city in particular, St. Patrick, Missouri, receives a flood of tourists around March 17th. The tourists, however, are not there just for the festivities. Instead, tourists frequent the Post Office to mail letters home with the official postage stamp of St. Patrick. Additionally, there is also a St. Patrick Shrine made of stained glass windows imported from Dublin, Ireland.

Looking for a St. Patrick’s Day pizza recipe to pair with your plans?

Stay tuned to see my rendition of a St. Patty's Day pizza later this week!

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