How to Simply Sous Vide and Sear a Ribeye


In the cooking universe, the sous vide technique is all the rage these days.  It’s simple, efficient and allows for a pretty big margin of error. Sounds exactly like my kind of cooking!  In my opinion, it is the best way to perfectly cook a steak - hands down.  But the best way to finish a steak - that’s where Baking Steel comes in!  There's a reason we’ve been called the “world’s best consumer cooking surface.”  It’s because the Baking Steel will put the most robust sear on just about anything it comes into contact with.  No contest.  You could bet against us or you could open your mind to the culinary sensation that is Baking Steel, and start creating the most insane ribeyes, strips and filets you’ve ever had.  Bad boys for life!  

Sous Vide Ribeye


1 ribeye about 1 inch thick

salt and pepper

avocado oil (for searing)


1. Generously salt and pepper the ribeye and vacuum seal. Alternatively, place the steak in a plastic bag and seal properly.

2. Place Ribeye in a water bath with your immersion circulator set at 120 F. Be sure to fully submerge bag and cook for 60 minutes. Remove.

3.Open up bag and remove steak. Grab some paper towels and pat dry on both sides.

4. Fire up your Baking Steel Griddle on medium to medium high for 5-10 minutes. Pour a dab or two of avocado oil down. Place the ribeye onto your Baking Steel and sear for about 1 minute per side, remove and place on a cutting board.

5. Slice immediately and season with a bit more sea salt. Enjoy.

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