Sliders, because everyone loves 'em


Sliders have been a trend for quite a while now, but for me, they are a great way to sample different flavors. I have never been much of a large meal eater, more of a snacker and sliders fit right in there with my ways. Most sliders, whether it be a beef patty, crab cake or portobello mushroom, usually weigh in around 2 oz. Now that's a diet meal right there!

These little guys showed up first and foremost in a big way at White Castle back when they were only 5 cents a pop. Called "sliders" for a cheeseburger that "slid into the bun".

You can really do just about anything, hot or cold, in "slider" form. Dinner rolls make great size buns and now, they even carry "slider" buns because the size has become so popular. We decided to make our own, using Four Star Farms Bolted Glenn Bread Flour, with Jim Lahey's no knead recipe, and they were fantastic.

The Baking Steel Griddle does a fantastic job in providing a massive surface area on which you can cook plenty of burgers, with extra room to toast buns (because who wouldn't?) and assemble, all on a hot surface for an awesome snack or meal. We used toppings leftover from our pizza class to put our burgers together - carmelized onions, muenster cheese & baby bellas, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella & basil, and baby fontina with arugula.  Until you can get your hands on our Griddle (June 2nd pre-orders), the Original Baking Steel works perfectly for these babies, especially out on the grill. 

solo slider
the toppings
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