Simple No Cook Tomato Sauce



I have to admit, when I am making pizza the sauce sometimes takes a back seat.  Usually I just grab a batch of fresh tomato sauce from Whole Foods.  In the past I always focused on the dough,the launch and trying to perfect my pizza.  During my pizza sessions, my wife would always cringe at the mess I was making.  I basically would paint the kitchen with flour, including my two boys.  Buying the tomato sauce would generally result in one less pan to wash, that was my strategy anyway.  Plus, when I made sauce it never produced the robust flavors of the fresh tomatoes. I am happy to report that after a year of trials and experiments I have finally found the secret. Today, I want to share a simple no cook tomato sauce with you.

The sauce is going to cook on your pizza after it's launched onto our secret weapon, the  Baking Steel, why cook it twice.  Plus, its one less pot to wash, think clean.  Simply open up a can of your favorite whole peeled tomatoes, strain, and add a little salt and boom, tomato sauce.  If it's NY Style you are trying to replicate, add a little oregano, shaved fresh garlic and pepper.  Believe me, it will be the freshest tasting tomato sauce you have ever tried.

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1 can whole peeled tomatoes



Open can and strain out excess juice.

Crush tomatoes with your hand and add salt.  Or pulverize in a food processor.



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