Shake Shack Burgers at Home on The Mini Griddle

Shake Shack Burger on a Baking Steel Mini

I have to admit, I have only tasted Shake Shack burgers on Instagram.  Crazy right?  Everyday I'm reminded of what i'm missing when i'm scouring photos.  So Fresh Chef wanted to inspire me, so he thought let's create Shake Shack at Home.  A perfect little experiment to test our new Baking Steel Mini.  An 11.5 in square slab of Steel with a groove around the perimeter to use as a Griddle.  Since we launched our Griddle in June last year, the response has been amazing.  But some folks wanted lighter and smaller.  We listened and trimmed down the original just for you.  The Mini pacts a lot of heat and it's so fun to use.  It literally fits on top of one burner and it heats quickly and efficiently.  Like our original Baking Steel, the Mini has a dual personality.  Think one side pizza or flat breads, turn it over and you have a polished surface for stovetop cooking.  It even works as an induction plate. As an added bonus, we made it to fit inside your Breville smart oven.  

Back to shake shack burgers.  We literally placed the Mini over our Gas range and preheated for about 15 minutes. The surface area is 11 1/2 inches and almost fits perfectly over one burner, it heats evenly and quickly.  Our mis en place consisted of buttered buns, 85 % ground beef patties, a slice of american cheese, boston lettuce, sliced tomato and frozen fries from Alexia. The crinkled type. We already baked these babies off in the oven.  We placed the burger patties on top of the Mini and cooked for about 4 minutes on one side, then flip and repeat.  We tossed a slice of cheese on for the last minute so it would be perfectly melted..Then we literally turned off the heat and placed the buns on butter side down until they were toasted. Next we added sliced tomatoes and boston bibb lettuce, and our shake shack creation was complete. Let me tell you, this Shake Shack burger was much better tasting than any photo...  

Shake Shack mis en place
Baking Steel Mini Griddle
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