Say Cheese! Grilled Cheese that is.

Grilled Cheese

So let's talk about one of my favorite foods ever, Grilled Cheese. I grew up eating a good amount of grilled cheeses. I mean let be real, we all did, or should have. A lot of people think its just some cheese slapped between a couple slices of bread. What do they know.

With our Baking Steel Griddle in tote, we headed into the Test Kitchen to cook up some tasty sandwiches.

With the few ingredients we use in making a grilled cheese, we go for the best. In our case, thats pumpernickel bread, muenster cheese, and butter. Muenster was my top choice because it melts beautifully.

Now the dream grilled cheese isn't just about what bread or cheese you use. The cooking of the sandwich is equally, if not more important. We got our griddle to about 350 degrees. We slathered our bread with soft butter. (This is key. NEVER butter your griddle. For the perfect coverage and toast, ALWAYS butter your bread.) 

Create a sandwich now, with cheese covering the surface area of the bread and top it with the second slice, butter side up. The weight of the bread helps the cheese melt. Now the temperature and time is big here. You are looking for a nice golden brown toast on both sides, while melting your cheese all the way through, so keep a close eye.

Eat up! - Craig

Grilled Cheese on the Baking Steel Griddle
pumpernickel grilled cheese
The Grilled Cheese
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