Quest For the Perfect Pizza!

Just after Christmas of 2011, and immediately after savoring a fresh tomato basil mozzarella pizza that had been baked on a piece of scrap steel, I began my quest to design the perfect tool for pizza making at home. A quick Google search led me to an array of available stones.  There were a lot of stones made out of ceramic, but I couldn’t find one made out of steel.  Thinking back on Nathan Myhrvold’s book Modernist Cuisine, I remembered reading that a steel sheet is more conductive than a brick oven’s stone.  It cooks just as fast and at a lower temperature making it the perfect material to begin my quest with.

Soon after my initial test with scrap metal, a few of us at Stoughton Steel started designing our own pizza stone made of steel.  We tried round, square and we finally settled on a rectangle. We absolutely loved the size, 16 x 14 Inches.   We feel as though this is the ultimate working space, especially under extreme heat, sliding a pizza paddle into a hot oven you will need a large work space…

Fast forward a few months and we have refined and named our product, The Baking Steel.   After 30 years of working in the industrial sector, we are branching out to a new line of customers, the consumer.  In my opinion, our Baking Steel conducts heat evenly and allows you to make what I think is the best pizza in your home or on your grill.

The Baking Steel is made in the United States out of steel and is virtually indestructible!  It’s the heaviest one we’ve seen, and by that we mean heavy duty- which means it can handle all of your pizza and bread making needs.  We could have made it any shape or size.  In fact, we will make you a custom one if you’d like.   We love the flat surface as it is and also love its ease of use and storage.

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