Practice The Art Of Making Pizza At Home

Pizza Margherita at home

Practice is the act of rehearsing an activity over and over again until you have mastered it! Practicing pizza-making at home is a dream activity for just about everyone!  Since our Kickstarter in 2012, I have probably made well over 1000 pizzas.  I remember every single one.  Not all have been a success, but minus the few dozen I’ve burnt to smithereens, all have been edible. Basically, if you are making pizza at home everyone is winning!  

Through all this practice, I've gained some valuable insight into the art of great home-made pizza. In the spirit of giving, I'll share a few of my "insider tips"!

Tip 1:  If you want to make killer pizza at home, you will need killer equipment, i.e. a BAKING STEEL

Tip 2:  No more store bought pizza dough allowed-practice makes perfect, make your own!    

Tip 3:  If you want to make a round pizza, you need this secret.  

Tip 4:  When you are stretching your dough, remember it’s delicate.  Treat it with respect!  

Tip 5:  Pre-heat your oven to 500 F with the Baking Steel on the top rack for at least 1 hour.

Tip 6:  If you want tomato sauce, find your favorite can of tomatoes - strain, pulverize and add salt, that’s it!  Done! And just as important, when saucing your pizza, remember less is more!  If you think it's not enough, it likely is.

Tip 7:  You NEED a pizza peel to launch!  Ready your peel with either flour or semolina, before the dough is placed on top to avoid sticking.  After your dough is placed on top, remember to give the peel a little “jerk”. Do this again before you launch.

Tip 8:  Just like with the sauce, less is more on top.  No more overloading your toppings.  You want that dough to cook thoroughly and it can’t if it is bogged down with toppings!

Tip 9:  After the bake, finish like a pro, with a fresh basil garnish and a little bit of olive oil around the rim.  Trust me on this!

Tip 10:  Use only high quality ingredients....

Tip 11:  Practice! Practice! Practice!  

This pizza was made during my kickstarter.  I was so proud at the time. It's amazing what a bit of practice can do....


Baking Steel Kickstarter image

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