Baked on Steel Polenta Fries

Polenta frids

A couple of weeks ago, I connected with a new Instagram friend, Tom McLean (@sharpandshinyshop).  Tom is a passionate cook at home, as well as at the Firehouse.  He creates some of the most beautiful kitchen "sharps" I've seen! You definitely need to check him out.  

Tom is absolutely loving his new Baking Steel Skinny.  He sent me a picture of his latest creation, Polenta Fries-they looked so awesome! I had to make them.  Lucky for us, he decided to share his recipe.  If you don't have a Skinny, don't flip!  Literally, any of our Baking Steels will do the job.  

The key is to bake the polenta fries directly on the Steel for extraordinary crispness.  Whip up a batch of your favorite dipping sauce (we chose spicy tomato) and you're golden!  An afternoon snack or a side for your smash burgers, these fries are the stuff.  Enjoy! 

Be great today everyone!



Baked on Steel Polenta Fries


Ready to go Polenta Tube

Olive Oil 

Salt and Pepper to taste, with extra salt to finish once out of the oven.

Garlic Powder 1 Tbsp

Paprika 1 Tbsp

Dried Oregano 1/2 Tbsp

cutting polenta
season the fries


Preheat Baking Steel at 400* for about half an hour. As it's heating up, cut "Polenta Tube" into French Fry shapes/sizes of about 3"X1/4"X1/4". 

Toss the fries in a bowl with a good couple glugs of olive oil and the spices and salt and pepper. Be generous with S&P.

Once oven is up to temp and Baking Steel is hot, pour out the fries onto Baking Steel, trying not to overlap too many fries. They should sizzle right off the bat. 

Cook fries for about 15 minutes at 400*, and then crank the heat to 550* and cook for about 10 minutes more until crispy and browned. You might want to broil for a few minutes towards the end, if you want to speed up the colour on the tops. Do not try to flip the fries, and just let the Baking Steel crisp up the bottom as the radiant heat in the oven does the rest. 

Transfer the fries to a paper towel lined bowl, and finish them with a nice flake salt (or regular table salt). 

Serve warm, with anything, but I recommend mayo, or chipotle sauce.

baked on Steel
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