Pizza Rosa Inspired by Jim Lahey

Pizza Rosa One of my favorite books on pizza was written by Jim Lahey, My Pizza.  This is the book that started the no knead phenomenon.  This book is so well laid out, he gives his take on entertaining, equipment, dough techniques and then he classifies pizza into different categories.  He starts with red sauce pizza. Today we're going to attempt to create his famous Pizza Rosa.  It's so simple and yet flavorful.  I personally haven't produced too many pizza's without cheese, let me tell you it will not be my last. If you haven't picked up his book yet, I suggest you should.  If nothing else, the pictures will blow you away.

thinly sliced garlic

The ingredients.

1 no knead pizza dough (or any will do)

Basic tomato sauce

Pinch of Fine Sea Salt

Pinch of Chili Flakes

1 Medium Garlic Clove, thinly slivered

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

4 or 5 Fresh Oregano Leaves, chopped ( I substituted fresh basil )


Simply stretch out your dough, spoon tomato sauce over the surface and spread it evenly. Sprinkle with salt and chili flakes.  Distribute the thinly sliced garlic evenly over the pie and drizzle with oil. Mr. Lahey adds his fresh oregano after the bake,  I tossed on some fresh basil pre-bake.  Either work beautifully.

ingredients are layered evenly, preparing to launch.

top view

Remember, when adding your ingredients that less is more...

I baked mine in an electric oven at 500 degrees and switched to broil before I launched onto the Baking Steel.

Slice and enjoy it while it's hot.


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oven spring

pizza rosa, close view



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