Pizza Dough to Focaccia

Focaccia on the Baking Steel

Focaccia must be one of my favorite breads of all time. I didn't know too much about it until I went to culinary school at the CIA and took fondly to Italian Cuisine. It is such a simple bread yet so versatile. It can be used simply as just great bread for the table, to slap a sandwich or panini together, to even great pizza. We found the latter, quite delicious with our version cooked on the steel. We made a much bigger dough ball, treated it the same way we do with our 72-Hour Dough and slapped it on a nicely olive-oiled sheet tray to proof.

Oil is a key ingredient in focaccia. We decided instead of adding oil to the dough in the mix, to add it in the cook instead. We punched down the dough with our fingers to give that classic focaccia look, topped it with some classic Italian ingredients and gave it a bake. (pizza came out great with it too!)

Proofing pizza dough
press the dough with your fingers
top the focaccia
focaccia cooked on a Baking Steel
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