Paul Booras in Baking Steel Kitchen

Paul Booras
Paul Booras

Paul Booras is a culinary rock star and a New England legend. He has owned and operated 7 restaurants in the Boston area and currently he is the director of culinary at Tavern in the Square.

When Paul first contacted Baking Steel, a bell went off in my head. I knew this guy…I just didn't exactly know how. It was driving me crazy, so I "google'd" him and that is when I realized Paul had worked at Olives Restaurant in Charlestown just prior to my arrival. As I mentioned, the guy is a legend, so even though we never technically worked together, his name stuck around.

Initially, Paul was looking for a custom Baking Steel, so I gave him a call back and we ended up chatting about food for the next 30 minutes. Instant connection. A few days later came my Champagne pizza dough idea. We aren't talking just any type of Champagne either, I was going to pour a Krug Cuvee, a $150 dollar bottle of tiny carbonated bubbles from France…into my flour. This was a top of the line experiment so I figured who better to call in for help than my new friend, Paul Booras.

We met at Whole Foods the following week. We picked out our ingredients and headed over to the Baking Steel test kitchen for an afternoon I won't soon forget.

Learn more about Baking Steel and the Champagne Pizza Dough experiment.

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