Our Homemade Tomato Sauce Secret

Today I am going to share a homemade tomato sauce secret. Its perfect on top of a pizza and likely the easiest thing you will ever do in preparation for pizza night.  If you are like me, you want to bite into your pizza and taste the freshness of tomatoes. Let's not over think this.  The secret in creating that robust tomato flavor is to do absolutely nothing.  Find your favorite can of crushed tomatoes and add sea salt.  That's it!  My two favorite brands are Jersey Fresh, and Bianca DiNapoli's.  Both will give your pizza exactly the flavor you expect.  Our secret homemade tomato sauce is really that easy and likely the best you will ever taste.

For variations add some thinly sliced garlic or chopped fresh oregano.  

Baking Steel Pizza with no cook tomatoes




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