Get "The Cool Factor" With Storage Sleeves


Our Storage Sleeves are custom-designed to protect your Baking Steel.  Yes, this indestructible piece of Steel needs some love too. Just slide your Steel into the sleeve when it’s not in use, and you'll ensure that it will be protected from outside sources of water. The Storage Sleeve and will keep it high & dry.

These sweet-looking Storage Sleeves are made from recycled Billboard material, so no two sleeves are alike.

And these Storage Sleeves fit all Steels from the BakingSteel line, the original BakingSteel, the Modernist Cuisine BakingSteel, and The Big!

When you're feeling inspired to show off your mad pizza making skills, carry your Baking Steel in it's Storage Sleeve to a friend's house and, no doubt, you will invite some interesting conversations. And probably a few jealous stares. Slide it out and into the oven, your pizza making skills will upgrade you to rock star status. [product id="215"]

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