Our 15 Favorite Recipes of 2015


Earlier this week, Chef Craig, Caitlin and I met up at the Test Kitchen to go over plans for the Baking Steel blog in 2016. While doing so, we started talking about our favorite Baking Steel posts from this past year and before we knew it, the list nearly wrote itself. The tough part was narrowing it down to our top 15. It took some time, and a few pizza breaks, but we finally came up with our list. I hope you enjoy it and please, feel free to chime in and share your favorite Baking Steel memories with us! 

Our 15 favorite Baking Steel recipes of 2015...

(in no particular order)

This Thanksgiving, we ditched the traditional route and roasted our turkey on the Baking Steel. A shorter bake time, crispy skin and a juicy bird. We had lots to be thankful for this year. 

Back on the burger train and better than ever, we put our Anova Precision Cooker to the test and finished off our burger with an amazing sear via the Baking Steel Griddle. It sizzled like a dream. One of Chef Craig's top picks.

A funghi (FUN-guy!) made its way in and out of the Baking Steel Test Kitchen this year and we’ve been asking him to come back ever since. Okay-bad joke but, great pizza. Hands down, this mushroom pizza was one of my personal favorites of 2015.

This hot, cheesy and beefy steak and cheese sub was one of my favorite indulgences of 2015. Delicious in every way possible. 

Pretzels are another easy feat for any cook at home and the great thing about them is that you probably already have the ingredients necessary to make the dough. We gave it a whirl and loved the result.

When was the last time you had a good old fashion diner breakfast? Earlier this year, we used our Baking Steel Griddle to re-create a batch of diner style hash browns. As memory serves, they were insanely good. We mixed in peppers and scallions and went to town. 

I was turned onto thin crust pizza, or “Roman Style,” this year and I have been making it every chance I get. I recommend you do the same.

Once Chef Craig shared his Meyer lemon and kale pizza with us, we found ourselves asking for more...and more...and more. This was Caitlin's top choice for pizza in 2015.

With salt, pepper, olive oil and heat, we took 20 drumsticks and turned them from bland to beautiful. I couldn’t stop eating these things.

Not your average Baking Steel post but I can’t forget about Chef Craig’s 4th of July Bloody Mary recipe. Knock yourself out, it’s the holidays. 

After a trip to Whole Foods, Chef Craig and I were inspired to turn a simple grilled cheese into a gourmet sandwich. Using Muenster cheese, pumpernickel bread, butter and our Baking Steel, we hit this one out of the park. Another one of my top picks for 2015.

French toast, otherwise known as Lost Bread, made with Challah, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and topped with apples. 

Chef John McReynolds was gracious enough to share his classic Alsatian tarte with Baking Steel this year and we are seriously grateful. Pair this with a glass of white wine or champagne and serve as an appetizer. 

Check out our most recent blog and you’ll find the crispiest smashed potatoes in the world. For an insane finish, we topped with sour cream and chives. 

A very berry pizza-pie. It’s different but it’s delicious. We used a homemade, fresh, lemon ricotta for a little sweetness and topped with a few berries. The creaminess of the cheese mixed beautifully with the tartness of the berries, a perfect match. Chef Craig and I both insisted this make it on the list.

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