Nurture Your Hangover with Pizza


There's nothing better than a night out, enjoying friends, family and a drink or two or three.  One minute you are the life of the party and the next, you're waking up with your head full of fuzz, in need of a cure!  What you eat after a big night on the town doesn't matter - it's what you eat before all that wine that can help lessen the pain of the next day.  Food in the belly slows the absorption of alcohol so why not fill your gut with something great?  Nurture your hangover with pizza before it starts!

Before you head out, take a page from my book-put your Baking Steel in the oven and invite your friends for a pre-party meal.  Stretch out a dough and load it with protein - bacon, sausage,egg and cheese.  Your body will thank you in the morning.


Happy Thanksgiving week.

I had dough prepped in the fridge.  I next grabbed my Sansaire and sous vide 4 or 5 eggs.  If you don't have an immersion circulator I would recommend soft boiling.  Next I par baked both the breakfast sausage and bacon.  Chopped the green onion and sliced the aged fontina. I bake the pizza at 500 F on convection.  Always use that setting, the air moves throughout the oven much better.


1 pizza dough

1 sous vide egg

2 slices par baked maple bacon

2 breakfast sausage links par baked

green onions

3 ounces green onion sliced

Hint: I just about double up on all these ingredients.



I place my egg on top after the bake.  Carefully drop the egg in a hot water bath to get it hot.  Crack, peel and place on top.  Tap the egg with the tip of your knife and enjoy watching that yolk run, mesmerizing...


Slice it up and enjoy before a night on the town.  Wake up and repeat to nurture that hangover.


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