Not Your Average Savory Pizza Waffle

Savory Pizza Waffle

I absolutely love waffles.  Ever since I picked up a new waffle maker, my game has elevated to a new level.  Generally, I make a standard vegan pancake mix and toss on syrup for the kids.  But yesterday, I wanted a savory waffle.  Fresh Chef Craig had a brilliant idea of waffling pizza dough.  Not exactly your average savory waffle, but why not?  To finish our savory waffle, we busted out our Mini Griddle and fried a couple of eggs.  This was ground breaking new territory for us both.  What surprised me the most is how well the pizza dough cooked inside the waffle maker.  This baby cooked in about 4 minutes and literally resembled a traditional waffle.  Luckily, we had a small stash of Sriracha from our friends over at The Hatchery.  We topped the egg with a splash of hot sauce and made a killer savory waffle lunch.  I truly encourage everyone  to give this a shot, you'll love it! 

Waring Waffle Maker with Pizza Dough
Savory Waffle with egg and Sriracha
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