News from Norway

norway-flag We have officially landed in Norway! Since the launch of the Baking Steel, just over a year ago, we have received much interest from our friends overseas. Unfortunately many have been hesitant due to heavy international shipping costs. We have been searching for a solution and today I am happy to announce that we have found an answer.

A few months ago we partnered with Christian Nydal, who was interested in setting up a Baking Steel shop in his home country of Norway. Christian and I were able to work together to make this a reality. His website is officially up and running, it offers our Baking Steel and a limited amount of Modern Cuisines. He is also able to provide Storage Sleeves and Pizza Peels.

We are ecstatic to be partnered with Norway. Many may not know but our new “Create Some Love” Baking Steel logo was designed and created in Norway by a very talented Norwegian artist.  We hope that this partnership will allow others to finally create the crust they have been dreaming of!


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