Modernist Cuisine Brings Secret of Pizza Home

Arriving on bookshelves across the nation, October 8, 2012 was Nathan Myhrvold's newest installment, Modernist Cuisine at Home.  (I got mine today! It is amazing! Unlike any book on food I have seen.   Great recipes, photos and ideas). This book details the same innovative techniques first presented in the original 6-volume set, however they take a new spin, describing in detail how you can recreate these techniques at home without all the fancy appliances.

As the original Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking was the inspiration behind our Baking Steel, I was very excited to see what the newest version had to say in regards to steel and pizza.

Here's the low-down:

Not unlike Kenji at, Modernist Cuisine loves steel!  Whether 1/2" or 1/4" thickness, steel plate out-performed cast iron as well as stone in dozens of tests.  Steel was chosen as the winning baking surface of choice, in recreating the performance of a wood-fired brick oven at home.

Modernist Cuisine Reveals The Secret for the Perfect Pizza Crust

According to the Modernist Cuisine at Home, "...with steel it is now possible to "get a light, crispy, blistered crust, cooked in mere minutes, without a trip to the pizzeria."

Good news for home-chefs, seems our Baking Steel fits the bill!  It is now available for pre-order so you can start recreating those brick-oven results at home.  It is available standard at 16x14x1/4", weighing 15 lbs and also at 16x14x1/2", 30 lbs for our Baking Steel Big.  We can also create any custom size pizza steel desired.  We do all the steel preparation for you, and your steel arrives seasoned and ready to go from day one.

Create the crust you (and the Modernist Cuisine) craves - order a Baking Steel or The Big today!

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