Lost Bread

French toast

What is French Toast? Well for most, French Toast is a battered bread product served with Maple Syrup and some compote on the side. In France, they call it Pain Perdu, or lost bread, where they use stale or unused ends of loaves to soak and pan fry in butter.

In America, we've come to love French Toast with any bread, mostly soft breads that absorb nicely. Brioche is delicious.  Today, we used Challah, a sweet, buttery bread, perfect for French Toast.

So what is French Toast to Baking Steel?  Golden, creamy, fabulousness that won't last for long.  Plus, s'il vous plait!  

Special Note: While we are waiting for the Baking Steel Griddle release, (June 2nd), your original Baking Steel will make the grade.  French toast stays pretty well contained on the surface, with minimum run-off.  

melted butter
French Toast cooking
French Toast stacked



French Toast (yields 4 slices worth of batter)

Baking Steel Test Kitchen Original Recipe

4 slices challah bread (1" thick)

2 large eggs

4 oz whole milk

0.5 tsp cinnamon, ground

1 pinch clove, ginger, nutmeg all ground

1 T butter


The Compote

4 T brown sugar

4 T butter

3 oz maple syrup

3 ea stone fruit (or other fruit, berries, etc), cut into wedges


1. Place your Baking Steel on top of your stove (gas burners).  Warm the Baking Steel to medium hot (250-300 degrees).

2. Combine eggs, milk and all spices.

3. Slice your toast. Soak in wet mixture, pressing on toast to make sure it all gets fully absorbed into bread. (This will make it very creamy).

4. Add a little butter onto your Baking Steel and slap the toast down. You want to hear a little sizzle, but not too much. Slow and steady wins the toast here.

5. At this point, melt your butter and sugar together in a separate pan. Once together, add your maple syrup. Whisk together. Add your fruit and top to completely coat the fruit. You don't want to make mush out of your fruit. A little bite will be nice with the softness of the toast.

6. Flip your toast when you peek underneath and have a lovely golden brown crust. The second side will not take as long as the bread is warmer now.

7. Remove, garnish appropriately with fruit, butter, powdered sugar, syrup, etc.

C'est la vie!

caught in the act

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