Let's call it what it is. Griddled Cheese.

I always think it's weird when people talk about "Grilled Cheese". I've never actually seen anyone make their sandwich on a grill. Like, ever. I always wondered why the sandwich wasn't called a "Griddled Cheese". I mean, I get it..it doesn't role off the tongue as easy, Grilled Cheese sounds better, but I don't like lieing. So, let's call it what it is. Griddled Cheese. 

Let's get down to business on this sandwich. If you ask me, there's 3 major rules to follow when making a Griddled Cheese....

And those are:

  1. Good Bread- bread that toasts well, has flavor and provide enough support for your filling.
  2. Melty Cheese- we've all seen Kraft's commercials but let's try to go a healthier route. Go for a nice muenster or young fontina. Great melting cheeses.
  3. Butter- soft butter is your key to success. Spread the butter on both sides of your bread. WARNING: DO NOT BUTTER YOUR PAN. YOU COULD BE CALLED A ROOKIE IN PUBLIC. Spreading your butter on the bread gives a much more even browning. 

Of course, we recommend using the Baking Steel Griddle for your sandwich needs. When cooking your Griddled Cheese, be sure not to get the surface too hot. You want to slowly brown your butter on your bread, while transferring the heat north to the cheese inside. Nobody likes an under-cooked Griddled Cheese. If you do things right, when you flip your sandwich, the bread shouldn't slide off, the melted cheese should act as glue.  

NOTE: feel free to add any and everything to your Griddled Cheese. From bacon to avocado and caramelized onions. Arugula and ham. You name it, you can put it inside. Just make sure it all gets warm!

-Chef Craig

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