Iggy's French Bread Pizza

Baguette Pizza

I LOVE bread!  Every time I head over to Whole Foods, my carriage auto pilots it's way to the fresh bread aisle.  I am particularly fond of the baguettes from Iggys..I can't keep my hands off! It's more often than not that I grab a fresh baguette and throw it in my cart.  Never on my list, yet almost always finding its way back to the test kitchen. 

Today though, I actually have a plan. The fridge is still packed with mis en place from last night's pizza class.  So I'm going to grab a loaf, slice it up and shred some cheese.  Baguettes make an extraordinary base for pizza!  

This technique is quite simple. Slice the bread, place the slices on a sheet tray.  You may want to give them a little press with your fingers, just enough to give the toppings a little better landing area.  Then,  simply top like you would any other pizza.  Remember less is more! 

After pre-heating the Baking Steel at 400 F for about 30 minutes, you can place the sheet tray directly on top.  Bake for 5 or 6 minutes, remove and eat!  And next time your shopping at Whole Foods, think "time to create some baguette pizza love with Baking Steel.  

Iggys Baguette pizza mis en place
baguette pizza
Baguette Pizza
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