How to Care for & Clean your Baking Steel Griddle


Out of the Box Care for your Baking Steel Griddle

1. Your Baking Steel Griddle has been pre seasoned on both sides. Right out of the box, wipe down your Griddle with a damp cloth.

2. Place your Baking Steel on your stovetop, Griddle side up & turn your burners on medium. 

3. Wipe a thin layer of oil onto the surface of your Griddle.  

4. After 3-4 minutes, turn your burners off. Your Baking Steel Griddle is ready for use. 

5. We recommend you follow the above steps after each use of your Griddle.


How to Care for & Clean your Baking Steel Griddle

1. The color of your Baking Steel will darken with each use, eventually developing a very dark patina. This will protect your Steel for future generations. 

2. Use of an EarthStone Cleaning Block will help remove tough, stuck on matter from the surface of your Steel. You can also use a bench/dough scraper to help scrape off any hard to remove particles. 

3. Hand wash your Steel with mild soap and warm water. After doing so, make sure to dry both sides of the Steel thoroughly. Be sure to follow the next step.

4. Once dry, place the Steel on your stovetop, Griddle side up. Using a quarter size drop of oil (flaxseed or vegetable), wipe a thin layer over the surface of the Griddle. 

5. Turn your burners on medium. 

6. After 3-4 minutes, turn burners off, your Griddle is now ready to be used, or stored.

Pro Tip: To keep your Steel protected, oil it after every use (whether you wash it or not).

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