How To Slide Pizza Off The Peel To The Steel (Video)

Getting the pizza off the peel and into the oven can intimidate just about anyone.

Well, it's no different for us. We are terrified of the dreaded failed launch. So, we thought we'd turn our terror into something worthwhile. Here's how you make sure your prized pie doesn't end up in a crumpled heap in the bottom of your oven.

1. Make sure you lightly put some flour or cornmeal or semolina on your peel.

Please put away the teflon and the no-stick spray.

2. Place your stretched-out pizza dough on the peel.

Maybe that step was obvious, but we're going to be extra clear.

3. Give it a few shakes.

Please exercise restraint here, though. This isn't a test of how hard you can shake the pizza and keep it on the peel. Just go light.

4. Once you have your toppings on your pizza, give it a few more shakes to make sure it's nice and loose before approaching the oven.

This is super important, because if you got a little heavy-handed with your toppings, your pizza is considerably heavier than it was before you loaded all of that on.

5. Open the oven door, and touch the peel down at the back of the Baking Steel.

Again, this step is obvious, but we did want to mention the Baking Steel, so that seemed like the obvious time.

6. To initiate the process, give it a slight jerk, and then shuffle the peel out slowly while your pie settles into its new home on the steel.

Don't get overly excited here. You don't want to panic and throw your toppings hither and yon. Slow and easy.

7. Celebrate the successful launch. It's a big deal.

At this point you're only a few minutes from enjoying the fruits of your labor. Congrats!

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