How the Baking Steel Griddle made Stir-Frying so much easier.


I always ate Stir-Fry growing up as a kid. Whether it was my mom making stir-fry veggies and chicken or eating Chinese food when my dad would “cook dinner” that night of the week, it was always a home favorite. Even when I was attending the CIA for school, I always frequented the Cuisines of Asia’s kitchen for dinner.

It wasn't until recently that I noticed how much of a pain stir-fry can be if you either don't own a wok or live close to a Chinese food restaurant. The Baking Steel Griddle gives so much love to this technique that you can get a great result with just this one tool. 

The way to go about this is to first, knock out your fluffy white rice. Pre-heat your Baking Steel Griddle on high heat for about 10-15 minutes. Thinly slice your favorite vegetables, I went with napa cabbage, peppers. carrots, onions, bok choy, scallions, and summer squash. I like to toss them with a little sesame oil, salt and pepper first. Throw in some thinly sliced garlic and ginger to really add some flavor.

When you are ready to cook, throw your steak down (I used thinly sliced skirt steak) and let that rip on one part of the griddle. Throw your vegetables down on another portion and get some color. Flip the beef and vegetables once so that they get some good color and char. If you'd like, throw your rice on and get it a little crispy. Mix your beef and vegetables together, add some soy sauce or teriyaki sauce and place over rice for one of your best meals this week.

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