Green Dough and Egg Pizza Recipe

spinach pizza with eggs

Experiment time again at the Baking Steel Test Kitchen!  This time we’re making a play on Dr. Suess’ Green Eggs and Ham, with our Green Dough, Eggs and Ham pizza.  Our green dough is derived from one of the healthiest foods on the planet, spinach.  Using our traditional 72-hour pizza dough, we thought adding the super power of spinach would give this pie a boost!  

The green crust definitely adds a level of complex flavor, but the simplicity of the eggs and ham, helps to balance the bitter taste of the cooked spinach. Besides being green, the dough cooked relatively the same as our traditional dough, but with the added benefit of being just a little healthier.  All in all, a good experiment worth trying - Popeye would approve!

Green Dough and Egg Pizza Recipe


1 Green Pizza Dough (250 grams)

2 oz. fresh mozzarella

2 eggs, cracked in bowl

3 slices - country ham, torn

chopped basil for garnish

S & P


1.  Preheat your oven at 500 F with your Baking Steel on the top rack.

2. Stretch or roll out your dough into a 12 inch cylinder, place on a pizza peel that has been lightly dusted with flour and semolina flour.

3. Switch your oven to broiler setting. 

4. Distriubte ham and fresh mozzarella on top and launch onto your scorching hot Baking Steel.  Cook for 90 seconds, open oven and rotate 180 degrees and carefully pour raw eggs on top.

5. Switch oven bake to bake or convection bake.  Cook for 2 more minutes or until the eggs are set.  Remove and garnish with chopped basil.

Serve and enjoy your Green Dough and Egg Pizza...


raw spinach pizza
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