If you want a great BBQ Chicken Pizza, use Stubbs

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Hands down, my favorite off the beaten path pizza is BBQ Chicken. I have always been a huge BBQ person anyways, not just with pizza. Barbecue's with the family, chicken, ribs, corn, coleslaw, you name it, we love it. We were fortunate enough to use Stubb's Original BBQ Sauce and we were definitely impressed.

Every time I go to a new pizza joint, I have to try their version. The usual suspects involve something along the lines of BBQ sauce, yellow or red onions, cheese and maybe if you're lucky cilantro or green onion garnished on top. Oh yeah, and some dry chicken too!

We set out again to make the best damn BBQ Chicken out their and we did. Just look at this thing. A tomato-y based sauce with some heat really improved our pie. I'll give a little credit to the steel too.

Great quality ingredients, technique and love goes into every one of our beauties. 

Stubbs BBQ Sauce

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BakingSteel's BBQ Chicken Pizza

1 ea pizza dough

3 oz tomato sauce

3 oz Stubb's BBQ Sauce (or other one of your favorites)

2 oz white onion sliced

6 oz shredded chicken, dark meat

2 oz mozzarella cheese, fresh

2 oz fontina cheese, shredded

4 ea cilantro, pluche


1. Stretch dough ball and place on floured pizza peel.

2. Spread pizza sauce around. 

3. Place mozzarella cheese and fontina around the crust.

4. Top with onion and chicken.

5. Pour 2 oz sauce over the chicken. Bake for 2.5 minutes under broiler.

6. Use the last oz of sauce to top and garnish with cilantro.

Sliced BBQ Chicken Pizza with Stubbs
BBQ Slice

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