Get Healthy with Engine 2

Engine 2 Burger on the Baking Steel Griddle

We are full swing into the holiday season, and with the New Year just around the corner, we have found ourselves consuming more than our usual helping. Our eating habits are on the upswing, that's for sure! The cookies, turkeys, pies, the breads, the potatoes...they are all so good, but as a result, we've started to gain that unwanted weight and we're feeling a little frumpy. This is what we call "holiday weight."

So, before January hits and before  regret has a chance to sink in, we want to get ourselves back on track.  It's time to get healthy with the  Engine 2 diet. Andris and I have fallen in love with this new challenge. Food that not only makes you feel good, but tastes good too! Plant based diets is their whole "schtick" and it seems to working just great for them. So let's give it a try. 

Engine 2 mis en place

With our Baking Steel Griddle in place, we turned on the burners. First up, Engine 2's Poblano Black Bean Burger. A killer veggie burger. The patty consists of things like black beans (obviously), brown rice, tomatoes, oats, peppers, cilantro, cumin, etc. Its super tasty. We added some of the usual accompaniments to the burger, along with some of our personal favorites, too. 

Burger Assembly Bottom to top: Bottom Bun, Black Bean Pattie, Tomato, Caramelized Onions, Arugula, Sliced Avocado, Mayo, Whole Grain Mustard, Top Bun. EAT!

Baking Steel Griddle in action
Baking Steel Griddle Engine 2 burger
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