Fingerling Potatoes and Eggs

Baking Steel Griddle breakfast potatoes

Today, I want to share with you a breakfast to brag about: fingerling potatoes and eggs. Potatoes are high up on the list of foods I love to make…and eat. You might remember, a few weeks back, we smashed some patriot potatoes; they ended up being the crispiest spuds I had ever encountered.

Once upon a time, I was big on roasting potatoes-that was until I realized I could cut their cooking time in half by throwing them on top of my hot Griddle.  As you can imagine, thanks to it’s versatility, I use the Griddle almost exclusively for all my cooking needs. It covers both my burners, giving me enough space to play around with. 

For breakfast, I place my fingerlings are in a bowl and toss them with olive oil and chopped onions. After, I season with salt and pepper and then I throw them cut side down on top of the hot Griddle...sizzle! Once my fingerlings are near done, I lower the temperature and crack a couple of eggs on top. Instant breakfast. After the first two eggs are done, I crack two more. You can feed a football team in no time at all. 

Baking Steel Griddle with potatoes and eggs

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