Facebook Live Under 4 minute Pizza

pizza live

Today we made our first pizza live on Facebook.  It was pretty epic!  Our goal was to show you how we make a pizza in under 4 minutes.  Mission accomplished!  

We pre-heated our ovens for about an hour, then switched the oven to the broiler setting.  We like the broiler on for about 5 minutes, right before we launch.  Our ovens were lined with two Baking Steels, one for each rack.  The idea behind this is that "two steels are better than one."  After you launch a pizza on the top rack, the bottom Baking Steel is soaking up even more heat.  So after 2 minutes, move the pizza from the top to the bottom rack and watch that extra heat transfer right into your crust!  Keep a timer handy and you will be able to crank out a pizza every two minutes. 

If you want to watch the livestream, check us out on Facebook! 


The Pizza

Chorizo and Fresno Pepper Pizza Recipe


1 pizza dough

5-7 slices Chorizo

2 oz. fresh tomato sauce

1 oz. fresh mozzarella

1 oz. grated fontina

1/2 fresno pepper, sliced thin

basil for a garnish


1. Preheat your oven at 500 F with a Baking Steel on top and bottom rack for one hour. 

2. Stretch or roll out your dough into a 10-13 inch diameter and place on your pizza peel. Switch your oven to the broiler setting.

3. Distribute tomato sauce on top, next add the fresh mozzarella, then the chorizo and lastly the chorizo.  Launch onto the top Steel.

4. After 90 seconds, open oven and rotate about 90 degrees, cook for 15 more seconds.  Open again and carefully remove and place on bottom Baking Steel.  Cook for another 2 minutes on convection bake.

5. Remove, garnish with basil.


sliced pizza



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